Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.

-Kahlil Gibran



These days, it’s rare to see a portrait of a woman on her own. We crop our faces out of group shots or take selfies. At best, we have corporate-looking headshots. Capturing the timeless beauty of a woman—the photograph her children and grandchildren will treasure above all the rest—seems to me like a dying art. I’m committed to reviving it. I want to photograph you, just you, looking your very best.

You’ll be primped and pampered at the hands of a professional stylist, and I’ll photograph you in my studio in a variety of outfits, settings, and poses. You’ll come away with a set of photos that capture the essence of you: right now, as you are.

Do you love looking glamorous for the camera? Do you want a keepsake to pass down to your loved ones? Do you work hard and deserve a fun day of pampering? Whatever the reason, come enjoy the ultimate experience. Bring your sister, your mom, or your best friend, and I’ll photograph her too!

For many women, the thought of having professional photos taken invites self-deprecating thoughts. If this is you, I encourage you to think of it differently. These photos aren’t about being in your best shape or at your ideal weight. They’re about celebrating all that makes you beautiful, right now, inside and out.

Why? Because we invest in so many kinds of beauty. We buy new clothes, we get manicures, we cut our hair. But these investments are fleeting. Clothes go out of style, manicures chip away, and hairstyles grow out. I know of only one beauty investment that will truly last forever. Beautiful photographs are eternal. You’ll cherish them now, and your loved ones will cherish them for decades to come.

Beauty sessions are $200 for a full makeover and photo shoot for two people.  Portrait collections start at $800.   Have a question or ready to book?  Call me at 651-470-4342!