Women who don’t get much time to themselves, women who never get enough sleep, women who juggle too much: These are the women you see in the “before” photos. The “after” photos show these same women—ordinary women who deal with the ordinary stresses of daily life. The difference is that after experiencing a B2 Photography Beauty Session, these women look and feel extraordinary. They see themselves in a new light, with renewed confidence and a deeper appreciation of their true beauty.

The transformation you see in these photos is not just the result of make-up, styling and posing. It’s a light that shines from within—the radiance that emerges when these women finally take the time to celebrate who they are.

“My session was weeks ago and I’m still glowing. I’ve never felt more beautiful!”


Are you ready to see yourself in a new light?  Call me at 651-470-4342 to talk about how you dream of being photographed!

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