Celebrating Moms!


I hear over and over again how moms never get to be in pictures since we’re always behind the camera.  To fix that, I invited some of my favorite moms to my studio to create a beautiful portrait of them with their children.  Doesn’t every mom deserve that?  I know these images will be cherished!  Happy Mother’s Day!

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Laura & her daughters

Laura is an immensely talented hair stylist who co-owns the Apiary Salon, an absolutely magical place. Actually everything that surrounds Laura seems to be a bit magical.  I am inspired by her aesthetic and how she makes mindful choices for herself and for her family. She makes each of her clients feel so special and beautiful, and this time it was her turn to get pampered at my studio. I LOVED photographing this strong, smart, determined woman and her two beautiful daughters. S. & H. are so lucky to have Laura as their mom!07_lauraT_WEB13_lauraT_WEB 32_lauraT_WEB 37_lauraT_WEB 49_lauraT_WEB

Makeup: Rachel Wagner Beauty


Stella :: One Year Old



This little sweetie stopped by the studio for her one-year portraits.  I’ve been photographing her since she was a newborn and she keeps getting cuter!  We captured a few images at the studio, then walked over to a nearby park to let her run around a bit.  I have been scouting near the studio and I’m looking forward to trying out some new locations soon.


Sylvia and Calla

These two adorable cousins visited my studio for a combined photo session. They are both around six months old here and are just 15 days apart in age.  They were so full of happiness and smiles! These two are going to be best buds.

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Chris and her daughters

Chris is the cousin of Rachel, one of my makeup artists, and we treated her to a pampering and photo session with her adorable little girls. As a working mom of two young children, Chris was very deserving of some time to herself!  She got to relax in the makeup chair, have some beautiful photos taken of her alone, then the girls joined us for the rest of the session. What mom wouldn’t love that!?! It goes without saying that these girls are positively adorable. I can’t get over their perfect sweet faces. I know Chris, Rachel and their entire families are going to treasure these images for generations!

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