Whitney’s Headshots

I worked with Whitney back when I worked at the State and Orpheum Theatres before Harper was born. I still occasionally see her at events and am always impressed by her passion, dedication to her work. She is a community builder, an advocate for the arts, and just an all around lovely lady. I love being around people that inspire me so I invited her to my studio to update her headshots. She has a big birthday coming up, so it was perfect timing. Plus, this girl is someone to watch. Her musical For Tonight is going places! Have a listen!


Hair & Makeup: Melanie Rivers Beauty



mother and daughters

My past client and friend Jen had her mom and sister visiting and they decided to have a girls’ day at the studio with makeovers and a portrait session – what a fun day!  I love capturing relationships between women and I know that these images will be treasured.  The portraits of Karen, the mother, are my favorite.  Her beautiful, kind eyes just sparkle!

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Hair/Makeup: Emily Bettenga


Laura & her daughters

Laura is an immensely talented hair stylist who co-owns the Apiary Salon, an absolutely magical place. Actually everything that surrounds Laura seems to be a bit magical.  I am inspired by her aesthetic and how she makes mindful choices for herself and for her family. She makes each of her clients feel so special and beautiful, and this time it was her turn to get pampered at my studio. I LOVED photographing this strong, smart, determined woman and her two beautiful daughters. S. & H. are so lucky to have Laura as their mom!07_lauraT_WEB13_lauraT_WEB 32_lauraT_WEB 37_lauraT_WEB 49_lauraT_WEB

Makeup: Rachel Wagner Beauty


Chris and her daughters

Chris is the cousin of Rachel, one of my makeup artists, and we treated her to a pampering and photo session with her adorable little girls. As a working mom of two young children, Chris was very deserving of some time to herself!  She got to relax in the makeup chair, have some beautiful photos taken of her alone, then the girls joined us for the rest of the session. What mom wouldn’t love that!?! It goes without saying that these girls are positively adorable. I can’t get over their perfect sweet faces. I know Chris, Rachel and their entire families are going to treasure these images for generations!

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Jaime’s new headshots

A friend of mine inquired about updating her professional headshots and I’m thrilled with the results of our session! Jaime is a real estate agent and will use her portrait to market herself to new and existing clients. She is a smart, fun, hilarious woman and her previous headshot image didn’t give a hint of her awesome personality.


Jaime is also in the early stages of creating a cheesecake business and brings a cheesecake with her to each of her closings. Jaime opted for hair and makeup services as part of the session and also brought one of her delicious cheesecakes to the studio to be photographed with.

“I can’t believe what a difference it makes in the final photos when you have a fun session where you feel relaxed and comfortable!” – Jaime


jaime anlauf


In many professions, especially the real estate business, your image needs to speak for you. When is the last time you updated your headshot?  Does it still look like you? Does it tell your audience something about you? If you are in need of an update, call me!


Michele’s beauty session

Toward the end of last year I teamed up with my makeup artist Rachel Wagner to offer a complete beauty experience to one deserving woman.  We chose Michele who was nominated by her friend who submitted the following:

Michele is a co-worker of mine who is a breast cancer survivor. Michele was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 and went through a double mastectomy, complications from her implants, and six months of chemotherapy. She remained so positive through it all. Michele is such a kind, giving, loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend and nurse. She always thinks of others first and I do not think she would ever treat herself to such a luxury. You both would make her shine.


Once her nervousness disappeared, Michele was absolutely giddy during her session. Rachel made her gorgeous blue eyes pop and I loved photographing her amazing red hair. Michele now has a collection of photos that shows her as a beautiful, feminine, healthy woman. We definitely made her shine!


Oh Brianna, I cannot express how happy I am to have had the experience of a makeover and photo session with you and Rachel. You made me feel so special and beautiful. I feel like you captured my heart in my photos. You have such a gift!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!! – Michele




Anne’s testimonial

Anne’s beauty session was featured on the blog last week here. I asked her if she’d share a few words about her experience and she, once again, blew me away with her writing…

Years ago, my mom created a “Women’s Wall” with individual black-and-white portraits of the women in my family. Some, like my high school senior portrait, are relatively recent. Others are nearly a century old. I’ve always found the older portraits to be so timeless, beautiful, and grown-up. My senior portrait seemed a little out of place hanging next to them. But, really, was I ever going to update it?

I assumed probably not. Women these days don’t have their portraits taken. We pose with our families, but never alone. We worry that having individual portraits of ourselves might come across as vain.

And yet, when I look at the photographs on the wall, I don’t see vanity at all. I see treasured keepsakes that connect me with the women who made me who I am. These portraits are a beautiful way to remember them long after they’re gone.

When Brianna explained her desire to revive this kind of photography, I believed in her 100%. Eventually, I let her convince me to book a session. I told myself I wasn’t doing it for me. I was doing it for my mom, my husband, my children, my future grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And while it’s true that these photos are for them, I now realize they’re also for me.

I walked into Brianna’s studio filled with trepidation and walked out brimming with confidence. I’ve always known that true beauty isn’t about make-up and hair. It’s a feeling. As Brianna clicked her camera with sureness, skill, grace, and gratitude, she made me feel it.

Today, months after my session, I still feel it. I feel it whenever I see the beautiful portraits she took; I feel it whenever I recall the experience; and I feel it whenever I remember that the light Brianna brought out is always within me.

I knew going into this experience that I’d come away with amazing portraits—Brianna’s work is always incredible. I didn’t realize I’d gain something even more meaningful than a tangible keepsake. But Brianna did. She knew it all along. “That’s why I’m doing this!” she exclaimed when I told her how my session made me feel.

Brianna, your mission is almost as beautiful as you are. Thank you for all that you captured and all that you helped me to see. My session with you is one of the best things I’ve ever done.


Anne, thank you so much for giving me these words, for believing in my work and for sharing your beautiful self with me.


Meet Rachel, Makeup Artist

2014-03-24_0001When I started to think about adding beauty sessions to the offerings at B2 Photography, I put out some feelers to find qualified freelance hair and makeup artists. I knew that having a skilled professional would add immense value to the makeover and photo session experience I was hoping to offer. I posted a notice on the job board at Faces ETC of MN, a professional makeup school in Minneapolis. Rachel was handpicked by the president of the school as someone she thought would be perfect to work with and it turns out she was right!

Most beauty clients often feel a little bit nervous about their session and are unsure of what to expect. Many have never had their makeup done by a professional. Rachel immediately puts them at ease with her friendly demeanor. Our goal is to draw out a woman’s inner beauty and have them feeling like the best version of themselves. With Rachel’s skillful hand and knowledge of how to bring out each client’s best features, soon they are feeling relaxed and looking radiant. See some of Rachel’s talents on the before and after page and stay tuned for beauty tips, tricks and product recommendations from Rachel here on the blog!

Rachel is also available for weddings and special events. See more of her work on her Facebook page.



Anne’s makeover and beauty photo session

B2 Photography Makeover and Beauty Session

I have this incredible friend Anne who is a unbelievably fantastic writer. I approached her late last year to do a little trade. I wanted to give her the ultimate makeover and photography experience at my new studio.  I wanted to pamper her, fuss over her, have her hair and makeup done by a professional and capture photographs of her at her most radiant. In exchange, Anne has blown me away the words she has used to describe my work and the experience that I offer – much of which you can read on this website.

Anne doesn’t get much time for herself. Most days, she wears her lovely long brown hair in a ponytail and spends her time chasing after her two adorable, rambunctious boys. Anne got to see just how incredibly beautiful she is at my studio.

Hair & Makeup: Rachel Wagner Beauty

To find out more about B2 Photography’s Beauty Sessions, click here.

“My session is one of the best things I’ve ever done.” – Anne (Read more here.)