Jaime’s new headshots

A friend of mine inquired about updating her professional headshots and I’m thrilled with the results of our session! Jaime is a real estate agent and will use her portrait to market herself to new and existing clients. She is a smart, fun, hilarious woman and her previous headshot image didn’t give a hint of her awesome personality.


Jaime is also in the early stages of creating a cheesecake business and brings a cheesecake with her to each of her closings. Jaime opted for hair and makeup services as part of the session and also brought one of her delicious cheesecakes to the studio to be photographed with.

“I can’t believe what a difference it makes in the final photos when you have a fun session where you feel relaxed and comfortable!” – Jaime


jaime anlauf


In many professions, especially the real estate business, your image needs to speak for you. When is the last time you updated your headshot?  Does it still look like you? Does it tell your audience something about you? If you are in need of an update, call me!

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