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From the first meeting I had with Tony and Alex about a year ago, I had a feeling that their wedding would be full of friends, family and fun!  These two are a great match – they are both so easy-going and just like to have a good time.  As I was going though their photos, I realized that I have an unusually large number of photographs of Tony gazing at Alex – he is so obviously in love with her and I couldn’t help but capture all of those stolen glances.  See if you spot a few in the preview…

2014-07-06_0002 2014-07-06_0003 2014-07-06_0004 2014-07-06_0005 2014-07-06_0006 2014-07-06_0007 2014-07-06_0008 2014-07-06_0009 2014-07-06_0010 2014-07-06_0011 2014-07-06_0012 2014-07-06_0013 2014-07-06_0014 2014-07-06_0015 2014-07-06_0016 2014-07-06_0017 2014-07-06_0018 2014-07-06_0019 2014-07-06_0020 2014-07-06_0021 2014-07-06_0022 2014-07-06_0023 2014-07-06_0024

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