shawn and matt :: married

I’m remembering this fantastic wedding that took place one year ago today! You know how at most weddings, you can definitely tell that two separate groups of family and friends from each side are coming together? This wedding was SO different. Shawn and Matt had been together for 20 years and their two families and groups of friends had ALREADY become one. It was such a wonderful celebration of love and I was truly honored to be a part of it!


It was a bit of a last minute surprise when Shawn and Matt found out days before their wedding at the Aster Cafe that the Stone Arch Bridge festival would be happening the same day! I decided to take them into the crowd after dinner. I had positioned them standing face-to-face set up my camera to capture this image, when someone from the crowd yelled, “Kiss him already!” Such a great moment!


Nick & Morgan :: Married

Nick and Morgan’s wedding took place outdoors at Morgan’s parents’ house where they had carefully considered every detail.  The setting was so perfect: green grass, blooming wildflowers, dirt roads and huge trees.  Add a sweet couple and you get some awesome wedding photographs!01_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 02_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 03_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 04_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 05_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 06_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 07_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 08_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 09_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 10_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 11_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 12_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 13_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 14_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 15_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 16_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 18_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 19_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 20_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 21_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 22_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 23_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 24_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 17_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 25_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 27_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding 26_B2Photography-Lakeville-Wedding



alex and tony :: wedding

From the first meeting I had with Tony and Alex about a year ago, I had a feeling that their wedding would be full of friends, family and fun!  These two are a great match – they are both so easy-going and just like to have a good time.  As I was going though their photos, I realized that I have an unusually large number of photographs of Tony gazing at Alex – he is so obviously in love with her and I couldn’t help but capture all of those stolen glances.  See if you spot a few in the preview…

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