Christian :: senior

I was so busy photographing senior girls this fall that it was fun to shake it up a bit with Christian.  What a photogenic young man!  We did a combination session with studio shots as well as some on-location work in downtown Saint Paul.  This urban location is perfect for senior guys!

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linnea :: senior

Linnea chose to be photographed near St. Anthony Main on a beautiful summer evening. No wonder this is such a popular place for photography session.  This area is so gorgeous! She is a competitive figure skater, so she brought along her ice skates which caused a few people to give us some strange looks.  Oh well!

2014-10-22_0019 2014-10-22_0020 2014-10-22_0021 2014-10-22_0022


lauren :: senior

I love when parents of past senior clients call me and tell me they have another senior this year and want me to be there photographer again!  I photographed Lauren’s older sister a few years ago and was looking forward to photographing another brown hair, brown eyed beauty.  Lauren decided to have her hair and makeup done at the studio first, then we headed to Como Park, which has been a favorite location this year.

2014-10-20_0011 2014-10-20_0012 2014-10-20_0014 2014-10-20_0013 2014-10-20_0015



Hair/Makeup: Rachel Wagner Beauty



When I look at Aimee’s photos I see her classic beauty.  Oh, and her amazing red hair.  And it’s natural.  And gorgeous!  Aimee took advantage of working with a stylist before her senior portrait session.  The fabulous Emily Bettenga was able to achieve two looks with her hair – more formal waves and a straight, everyday look.  We got lucky with lovely evening light at Como Conservatory for outdoor photos after some work in the studio.  Doesn’t she look amazing in green!?!

2014-09-24_0007 2014-09-24_0008 2014-09-24_0009 2014-09-24_0006


Hair/Makeup: Emily Bettenga



Jennifer was so fun to photograph! Jennifer started by getting pampered at the studio by the fabulous Melanie Rivers who used a touch of makeup to bring out Jennifer’s natural beauty and curled her gorgeous dark brown locks. Since we had to dodge some spotty showers, we decided to photograph a few of her outfits at the studio, then headed downtown Saint Paul to take advantage of the stunning evening sun. This girl is model material!

Saint Paul senior session B2 Photography

Saint Paul senior session B2 Photography Saint Paul senior session B2 Photography Saint Paul senior session B2 Photography Saint Paul senior session B2 Photography



Photographing Erin was a dream!  It is always fun to photograph a dancer; she was so at ease when moving and posing. I have a bolt of tulle that I keep at the studio for when inspiration strikes…and it did!  I fashioned a dress out of some scraps of fabric and clamps.  From the back it was a hot mess, but from the front, a romantic, flowing ballerina tutu.  Erin took advantage of one of my hair and makeup artists, who did a fantastic job with her long dark locks.  After playing around at the studio for a bit, we drove to Como Conservatory to finish off the session in the lovely late evening summer sun.  She looks absolutely stunning in blue!

2014-09-17_0003 2014-09-17_0004 2014-09-17_0005 2014-09-17_0006 2014-09-17_0007 2014-09-17_0008

Hair & Makeup: Melanie Rivers Beauty |


Ben and Olivia

My first class of 2015 senior session was double the fun!  Twins Ben and Olivia chose a beautiful summer afternoon at Saint Anthony Main in Minneapolis for their senior photos. It’s one of my favorite spots!

2014-09-13_0002 2014-09-13_0001 2014-09-13_0003 2014-09-13_0005 2014-09-13_0004 2014-09-13_0006