Photographing Erin was a dream!  It is always fun to photograph a dancer; she was so at ease when moving and posing. I have a bolt of tulle that I keep at the studio for when inspiration strikes…and it did!  I fashioned a dress out of some scraps of fabric and clamps.  From the back it was a hot mess, but from the front, a romantic, flowing ballerina tutu.  Erin took advantage of one of my hair and makeup artists, who did a fantastic job with her long dark locks.  After playing around at the studio for a bit, we drove to Como Conservatory to finish off the session in the lovely late evening summer sun.  She looks absolutely stunning in blue!

2014-09-17_0003 2014-09-17_0004 2014-09-17_0005 2014-09-17_0006 2014-09-17_0007 2014-09-17_0008

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