Introducing Owen

I’ve been busy photographing many babies in 2015!  The latest is baby Owen, a sweet little guy whose sister, Addison, I’ve been photographing for the last few years.  I’m excited that Owen’s mom and dad decided to sign up for a baby package, which means I’ll get to photograph this adorable face two more times this year!

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Introducing Evan

Sweet, new baby boy Evan visited me in my studio and he is absolute perfection. Big brother Aiden was excited to show off his new brother, but a little nervous to get too close. We were extra careful in capturing images of the two boys together, making sure Aiden was very comfortable with what was happening.  I am so happy with the results!  And I just can’t stop gazing and Evan’s perfect little face…

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mother and daughters

My past client and friend Jen had her mom and sister visiting and they decided to have a girls’ day at the studio with makeovers and a portrait session – what a fun day!  I love capturing relationships between women and I know that these images will be treasured.  The portraits of Karen, the mother, are my favorite.  Her beautiful, kind eyes just sparkle!

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Hair/Makeup: Emily Bettenga


Christian :: senior

I was so busy photographing senior girls this fall that it was fun to shake it up a bit with Christian.  What a photogenic young man!  We did a combination session with studio shots as well as some on-location work in downtown Saint Paul.  This urban location is perfect for senior guys!

15_christian_WEB 31_christian_WEB 34_christian_WEB 40_christian_WEB 61_christian_WEB45_christian_WEB


The D Family

I’ve know Jill for a long time – ever since she first hired me as a babysitter for her small kids when I was in high school!  Since then, her kids have grown up, some have graduated, moved away, gone to college, gotten engaged.  It was so fun capturing this fun family all together.  The girls even got to have a little pampering at the studio before meeting the boys at Saint Paul’s Union Depot.  Since today is Jill’s birthday, I’ll start with this stunning portrait…


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Hair/Makeup: Rachel Wagner Beauty & Emily Bettenga Makeup


Laura & her daughters

Laura is an immensely talented hair stylist who co-owns the Apiary Salon, an absolutely magical place. Actually everything that surrounds Laura seems to be a bit magical.  I am inspired by her aesthetic and how she makes mindful choices for herself and for her family. She makes each of her clients feel so special and beautiful, and this time it was her turn to get pampered at my studio. I LOVED photographing this strong, smart, determined woman and her two beautiful daughters. S. & H. are so lucky to have Laura as their mom!07_lauraT_WEB13_lauraT_WEB 32_lauraT_WEB 37_lauraT_WEB 49_lauraT_WEB

Makeup: Rachel Wagner Beauty


Headshots for Laura

Laura is a local actress and came to me to update her headshots.  In her initial email inquiry, she wrote, “your portraits stood out above all of the photographers I looked at.” What a compliment!  Especially since Laura also is a professional photographer with her own business.  Laura mentioned that she is often cast as a child.  She does have a very youthful look, but I think these images also show her as a confident, poised, beautiful woman.  Look for her in “The Christmas Carol” at the Guthrie!



Hair/Makeup: Melanie Rivers Beauty


linnea :: senior

Linnea chose to be photographed near St. Anthony Main on a beautiful summer evening. No wonder this is such a popular place for photography session.  This area is so gorgeous! She is a competitive figure skater, so she brought along her ice skates which caused a few people to give us some strange looks.  Oh well!

2014-10-22_0019 2014-10-22_0020 2014-10-22_0021 2014-10-22_0022