shawn and matt :: married

I’m remembering this fantastic wedding that took place one year ago today! You know how at most weddings, you can definitely tell that two separate groups of family and friends from each side are coming together? This wedding was SO different. Shawn and Matt had been together for 20 years and their two families and groups of friends had ALREADY become one. It was such a wonderful celebration of love and I was truly honored to be a part of it!


It was a bit of a last minute surprise when Shawn and Matt found out days before their wedding at the Aster Cafe that the Stone Arch Bridge festival would be happening the same day! I decided to take them into the crowd after dinner. I had positioned them standing face-to-face set up my camera to capture this image, when someone from the crowd yelled, “Kiss him already!” Such a great moment!


Whitney’s Headshots

I worked with Whitney back when I worked at the State and Orpheum Theatres before Harper was born. I still occasionally see her at events and am always impressed by her passion, dedication to her work. She is a community builder, an advocate for the arts, and just an all around lovely lady. I love being around people that inspire me so I invited her to my studio to update her headshots. She has a big birthday coming up, so it was perfect timing. Plus, this girl is someone to watch. Her musical For Tonight is going places! Have a listen!


Hair & Makeup: Melanie Rivers Beauty



Celebrating Moms!


I hear over and over again how moms never get to be in pictures since we’re always behind the camera.  To fix that, I invited some of my favorite moms to my studio to create a beautiful portrait of them with their children.  Doesn’t every mom deserve that?  I know these images will be cherished!  Happy Mother’s Day!

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Introducing Olivia

Baby Olivia came to my studio a little older than most of my newborns, but she was still a dream to photograph!  I love the sweet little bows and wraps that her mom brought along. This baby girl’s huge eyes and sweet cheeks will melt your heart!

Olivia and her family hold a special place in my heart.  I first met her mom and dad in December 2013 on what was probably the worst day of their lives.  They were saying hello and goodbye to Olivia’s older brother William and I was there with Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep to capture his only portraits.  I can’t even begin to explain how wonderful it is to work with a family after a devastating loss like theirs and to capture memories of happier times.  I am so honored to work with this family of four, with one baby to hold in their arms and one that they will always hold in their hearts!

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